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Dr. James C. Rhodes
About Us
Dr. Jim (Jr.) is a second generation chiropractor.  His father, Dr. Jim (Sr.) retired in 2005 after providing over 43 years of outstanding chiropractic service to the Salem Area.

Dr. Jim Jr. was raised in Salem, NH and graduated Salem High School in 1982.  He served in the U.S. Navy from 1986 to 1992.  He then graduated from UNH Manchester and attended Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, S.C. from 1995 - 1998.  He has been practicing chiropractic in Salem, NH since becoming licensed in 1999.  Dr. Jim and his wife Suzanne are also members of the St. Basil's Cursillo Community based in Methuen MA.  De Colores!
Our Philosophy

Your Body Works Better with A Proper Nerve Supply!

We know everything our body does is controlled by the brain.  Our brain constantly sends mental impulses or signals down THROUGH OUR NERVES to every part of our body.  The brain also constantly receives information from all parts of the body.  If there is pressure on these nerves, due to a bone in your spine (vertebra) being "misaligned", they do not function at their optimum level.  This form of nerve interference is called Vertebral Subluxation. Vertebral Subluxations are a detriment to our health. Subluxations can cause many SYMPTOMS, including headaches, pain, numbness, weakness, altered reflexes, altered sensitivity, and altered coordination among many others.   Dr. Rhodes' goal is to remove this interference by way of SPECIFIC chiropractic adjustments.  When our nerves are free of interference our bodies are better able to regulate and HEAL THEMSELVES, our bodies actually function better.  The results are often INCREASED MOBILITY,  DECREASED PAIN, and INCREASED HEALING OF OUR BODY.

Chiropractic is NOT an ALTERNATIVE to anything.  No other profession has the training to remove subluxations like we do.

Just as proper maintenance extends the life of our cars, so too does the proper maintenance of our spine and nerves extend the life of our bodies!  If a warning light in our car turns red, we don't cut the wire to it, we get the problem corrected.  If our body experiences pain or other SYMPTOMS shouldn't we try to find a cause instead of covering it up with a pain reliver / muscle relaxer?  We need proper diet, rest, and exercise.  We also need the lines of communication in our body (our nerves) to be free of interference.  When our bodies function better or more efficiently that is IMPROVED HEALTH!

We want to be part of your overall health care.   Please give us a call to see if chiropractic care is for you!
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